10 Tips for Converting Visitors Into Clients

Most website owners, of law firm sites or any other business, worry only about getting their website high up in the search engine rankings. What most people fail to recognize however is the importance of conversion. Just because someone visits your law firm’s website, that doesn’t mean they’re going to call you. How can you increase the chance that they will call?

1. Make sure your phone number is clearly displayed on all pages of your site.

2. Make sure you have a call to action next to your phone number. (ie. “Call now for a free consultation”)

3. Have a contact form on your site. Some people are too intimidated to call an attorney. Have a contact form that can be easily found throughout your site.

4. Don’t clutter your site. Make sure your main “selling points” stand out.

5.  Make sure it’s easy for site visitors to find all important pages of your site.

6. Have a great looking web design (better than your competitors).

7. Explain why visitors should choose you to represent them and not someone else.

8. Make sure you have compelling content.

9. Offer a free consultation.

10. Provide any kind of helpful information for your visitors that your competitors don’t have.

Conversion is crucial to your success. Things like these will help you convert site visitors into prospective new clients. If you need help with law firm website design, find professionals who can help make your site look better then your competitors. That’s not going to happen if you use your niece to design your site.


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  1. This is all well and good, but the key is still your number 7. In the personal services business differentiation is very difficult to define and achieve. Often times it is experienced based. Finding and explaining that point of difference is critical in obtaining new business.


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