Why Good Web Design is Important

So you are wondering why you need a good site design? This post on the importance of your law firm’s website design gives some good info on why site design is important to generating new business on the web. 



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Nationwide Lawyer Directory

There’s a new nationwide lawyer directory (still in beta stages) at www.ilawyersource.com . Still undergoing many changes but this will be a directory that already has many law firms listed and will allow free updating of your listing as well as free law firm profiles for attorneys that want to be listed. The site is still being tested and doesn’t allow submissions yet but I will keep you posted and provide more information soon.

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Free Lawyer Directories

A couple of directories currently offering free listings are Las Vegas Lawyers 360, which is currently offering free listings for Las Vegas area law firms. Don’t bother submitting if you’re not a Las Vegas area law firm. If you are, you’re in luck. Visit the free Las Vegas lawyer directory and submit away.

There is also the www.ilawyerdirectory, which is a directory of California attorneys. Actually Southern California attorneys. This is a great directory to list your firm in if you’re a law firm in Southern California. You can  get free basic listings or premium listings (not free) to improve your visibility in the directory.

 Also, for lawyers anywhere in the U.S. there is the free lawyer directory which allows free submissions for all law firms no matter where you practice. You can submit to all the categories that your law firm handles.  Visit www.lawyersource360.com and submit your listing today.

If you’re not aware, links to your website can help improve your web popularity, or visibility on the Internet, by placing links to your site on other websites which also can help improve your rankings in the search engines.

 List away!

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Employment Law Marketing

A great site for information on employment law (and that’s part of what makes any site great…information) is ELINFONET. It’s also a good place to market your employment law practice because it’s  highly visible in the search engines. Not anyone can qualify though. Visit the site and check it out. I think it’s $2,000 a year to join and be listed on their site. They have a blog that is always updated and always has recent employment law stories which is always a good thing to do (keep your blog updated as I haven’t been doing here!). I’m in no way affiliated with these guys but a good marketing opportunity for labor lawyers.

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Free Lawyer Directory and Free Links to Your Law Firm Website

One of the ways to improve the visibility of your website is to list your site in lawyer directories or any other business directories (Superpages.com for example).  Another way is to improve your rankings in the organic search results (non-paid) of search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. One of the ways to improve your rankings is to get links from other websites to your own site. The Lawyer Source 360 directory is a new directory and offering free listings to attorneys who want to list their firm. You can list your  firm in as many practice areas as you wish for free! Visit the free lawyer directory and add your link(s) to your website. 

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Free Blogs for Lawyers


 Are you looking to increase your visibility in the search engines? There are many ways of doing this, my personal favorite being hiring a company that specializes in SEO for lawyers. Keep in mind, there are many companies that offer SEO for law firms that do a horrible job of it. Many companies are too large and thus don’t give any kind of personal attention needed in order to optimize a site properly. These same companies also don’t care how many clients they take on in a given geographic market. The bottom line is that only 10 people can be on the 1st page of the results for any given search query. The reality is that unless you’re on the 1st page of the rankings for many targeted search terms, you won’t have great success. Most users just don’t go past the 1st page. Sometimes you can be found if you’re on the 2nd page, but not consistently. First page visibility is what you need. If you can’t afford to hire a good SEO company, you can always try blogging. Adding fresh content to any website (including blogs) gives you favor with the search engines. There are many free blog platforms available on the web, but I prefer free WordPress blogs. There are many plugin features to improve your blog performance. So how can you get a free blog? Easy. Go to http://wordpress.com and click on the “SIGN UP” link. Follow the instructions after that. That’s it! You have your own blog. Happy blogging.

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10 Tips for Converting Visitors Into Clients

Most website owners, of law firm sites or any other business, worry only about getting their website high up in the search engine rankings. What most people fail to recognize however is the importance of conversion. Just because someone visits your law firm’s website, that doesn’t mean they’re going to call you. How can you increase the chance that they will call?

1. Make sure your phone number is clearly displayed on all pages of your site.

2. Make sure you have a call to action next to your phone number. (ie. “Call now for a free consultation”)

3. Have a contact form on your site. Some people are too intimidated to call an attorney. Have a contact form that can be easily found throughout your site.

4. Don’t clutter your site. Make sure your main “selling points” stand out.

5.  Make sure it’s easy for site visitors to find all important pages of your site.

6. Have a great looking web design (better than your competitors).

7. Explain why visitors should choose you to represent them and not someone else.

8. Make sure you have compelling content.

9. Offer a free consultation.

10. Provide any kind of helpful information for your visitors that your competitors don’t have.

Conversion is crucial to your success. Things like these will help you convert site visitors into prospective new clients. If you need help with law firm website design, find professionals who can help make your site look better then your competitors. That’s not going to happen if you use your niece to design your site.

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